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Reliable, honest and ethical.

Melissa L. | Jan 2018

There just aren't enough words to describe how excellent my experience was with this AAMCO. I'm a small woman in my early-20s who doesn't know a ton about cars. I'm a prime target for mechanics to screw me over and take advantage. I never trust them. I brought my 2010 VW Jetta here after being told by another mechanic that I would need a new transmission (which was practically soul-crushing news). Knowing Jettas can be tricky to properly diagnose and unwilling to fork over $4k without a second opinion, I called Erik. Erik told me over the phone would be strange if I needed a new transmission, seeing as my car wasn't so old. He told me to bring it in, he would diagnose the problem properly, and we'd go from there. I drop it off and within a couple hours, he calls me with the news that I would not need a new transmission, but that it was just an electrical problem. Great news. It would still be ~$1300 but compared to the cost of a new transmission, it was a huge relief. Less than 24 hours later, Erik called me back and said that they were able to fix the problem in a different way than originally planned, and it would only be $700. AND my car was already ready to be picked up. Erik could have charged me the original quote, gotten the job done in any way he saw fit, and I wouldn't have ever known or questioned it. He had every opportunity to take advantage and he didn't. He went the extra mile to be honest and do all he could for me. Not only was my cost slashed in half, but my car was repaired quickly, Erik called me every step of the way, and he took all of the stress out of an extraordinarily stressful situation. I won't take my car anywhere else again. THANK YOU

Sarah R. | Jul 2017

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